Product Recall: Rob and Bob Studio Snapease and Clipease

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Provo Craft recently issued a recall of these products sold between August 2005 and June 2006: rob and bob studio™ snapease™ jewels and clipease™:

The Clip-ease and Snap-ease products were found to contain elevated levels of lead, which can pose a serious health risk to children if they are chewed on or swallowed. Consumers should discontinue use immediately and ensure that the Clip-ease and Snap-ease are not accessible by children.

Description: The snap-ease jewels are small round fasteners in assorted colors labeled “snap-ease” within the “rob and bob studio™” line of products. The clip-ease products are painted metal clips (small and large) and two dispensers. The clip-ease were sold in plastic packages labeled “clip-ease” within the “rob and bob studio™” line of products. Packaging for the snap-ease jewels and the clip-ease products are marked with the importer’s “PC” logo and “rob and bob studio™”. The snap-ease and the clip-ease were originally sold as embellishments for craft projects such as scrapbooks and greeting cards.

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