‘Project Master Plan’ Printable – Free Download

project-master-planAs I promised in my previous post and video, I’m making my Project Master Plan printable available for download. This planner page is the first tool I use for project-based planning.

If you’re a subscriber to the blog, you already have a copy. ;) If you’re not yet a subscriber, now’s your chance to get this free printable.

The Project Master Plan

In a nutshell, here’s what the Project Master Plan is all about:

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Video: Project-Based Planning

I thought I’d show you how I do project-based planning. Project-based planning is a complement to traditional schedule-based planning systems. This video features the process I use to plan projects over the long term and also monthly and weekly.

In this video, you’ll see the planner pages I use to manage the time I allocate for projects. These pages have, in full or in part, the following:

  • Project Master Plan
  • Monthly Project Plotter
  • Weekly Project Plotter

As I mentioned in the video, I will make these pages available for download here on my blog. So, if haven’t subscribed yet, this is the perfect time to do so. :)

Project-Based vs. Schedule-Based Planning

Earlier this year, I started taking on more regular projects for freelance writing clients. As I worked through the projects each week, I quickly realized that my simple schedule-based planning system wasn’t cutting it.

My setup then had a monthly calendar and two pages per day. What I needed was a week’s overview. Specifically, I needed a time management system that could tell me how much time I actually have available for tasks each week. Something that didn’t just remind me of appointments, but also told me how many “open” hours I had.

My solution was to supplement my schedule-based planning system with one that’s project-based.

Projects vs. Tasks

Before I go further, I probably should let you know how I define a project vs. a task.

Projects are not simply a set of tasks I can easily check off a list. For me, a project needs more thinking or “noodling” time than a task. It may be completed in segments. It requires a bit more planning.

For example, cleaning the bathroom is a task. It just needs to be done.

Sewing a pair of pajamas is a project. It involves a series of steps and requires some thinking through (type of fabric, whether I need to get some supplies, figuring out the right size, etc.). That time for thinking is included in the number of hours I allot to the sewing project.

So, on to project-based planning…

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Video: Review of the Pentel Arts 8-Colour Automatic Pencil

Another video today! This time, it’s my review of the Pentel Arts 8-Colour Automatic Pencil. Yes, that’s spelled “colour.” :)

If you’ve seen my review of Franklin Covey’s Boston Binder, you’ve already had a quick look at this pencil. Today, I’m showing you the details.

A few things about this automatic pencil:

  • It comes with eight colors: red, yellow, orange, pink, brown, light green, blue, and light blue.
  • The refills are 2 mm.
  • No bleedthrough even on thin paper.

Available on Amazon (aff.).