Launch Promo: 50% Off All Zeitgeber Planners

sales-images-300pxAfter a lot of testing and planning, I’m ready to share the Zeitgeber Planner with the wider world. I know there are many like me who would like to optimize their days for better productivity and health.

What better way to introduce the Zeitgeber method of planning than with a big sale?

So, starting today until midnight of March 31, 2015, I’m offering 50% off on all 2015 Zeitgeber Planner printables. The planner is available in the following sets:

  • 2015 Daily Pages (one page per day; featuring the Zeitgeber Dial and space for Quadrants 1 and 2 activities; Review page at the end of the week) – Don’t have a lot of projects but would like a way to track your time and focus on important daily tasks? This is for you!
  • 2015 Project Plotting Set (12 monthly calendars; monthly and weekly Project Plot and Task Tracker; bonus printables: Project Master Plan versions 1 and 2) – This is great for those who already have a daily planner and want help with managing their projects and bigger tasks.
  • April-June 2015 Z116 Zeitgeber Planner (daily pages and project plotting pages for April, May and June 2015) – An affordable way to try the Zeitgeber system for three months.
  • July-Sept 2015 Z116 Zeitgeber Planner (daily pages and project plotting pages for July, August and September 2015) – An affordable way to try the Zeitgeber system for the 3rd quarter of 2015.
  • Full 2015 Planner Set (daily pages and project plotting pages for 2015) – Get the complete system at its most affordable (especially with the 50% off sale)!

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Three Principles of Optimized Planning: Purpose, Focus, Balance

three-principles-optimized-planningWe all want to be better at managing our time. We’d like to set goals, lay out a plan for accomplishing those goals, and consistently follow the plan. Meanwhile, we want family-work balance, enough rest and recreation, and having a sense that what we’re doing is worthwhile.

These are things that I want for myself, and I suspect many of you are the same. In the process of looking closely at the way I plan my day, I identified three core principles that help me achieve those things.

I call these the three principles of optimized planning, and they make the basic foundation of the Zeitgeber planning system. They are purpose, focus and balance.


When I plan, I need a way to set the course for what I want to accomplish. This is a really basic concept, but sometimes, I find myself just planning the day/week/month, without having a clear idea of why I’m doing all these activities and tasks.

Setting a purpose is a big-picture, big-rock approach that forces me to be more…

Enter My Giveaway: 2015 Zeitgeber Planner Printable PDF

time-for-giveaway-300pxI hope you’ve had a chance to try the Z116 Zeitgeber Planner to see how it can help you optimize your day. If not, you can still download a free copy of the February-March 2015 planner pages. BUT, if you want to get the entire year’s pages, here’s your chance!

I’m giving away a copy of the Z116 Zeitgeber Planner pages for the rest of 2015! The full set includes January through December of the following:

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Zeitgeber: Your Planner as a Collection of Cues


When my son first saw the Zeitgeber planner logo, he asked me what it was. Specifically, he asked what a “zeetjeeber” was. While I liked the way he said it, it’s actually pronounced “tsahyt-gey-ber” (you can listen to it here).

So what exactly is a zeitgeber?

The term comes from the German words for “time giver” or “synchronizer,” and it’s defined as:

a cue given by the environment, such as a change in light or temperature, to reset the internal body clock

While the Zeitgeber Planner doesn’t magically reset anybody’s internal body clock, it does function as an external cue. Actually, all planners are cues, or collections of cues, for an event or series of events.

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