Review: Monteverde Jewelria Fountain Pen

Today I’m reviewing the brown Monteverde Jewelria Fountain Pen which was kindly sent to me by Ron of Pen Chalet.  It came with a medium nib, 2 standard cartridges (one each in black and blue) and a converter. I’m using the black ink cartridge at the moment.



Monteverde Jewelria Fountain Pen in brown
Stainless steel medium (M) Monteverde nib
Ink fill: Short cartridge, converter
Length capped: 5.25″
Length posted: 6.25″

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How Using a Planner Helps Me Find My Focus

minion2-writer-300pxI’m a person with a family, a variety of interests, work and volunteer responsibilities, and a host of other to-dos on my list. There are times when I find it a challenge to pick what I should devote my time and energy to. For those times, having (and using) my planner is key to finding my focus.

Call it niche, focus, a passion in life. Me, I have several. A handful of them are vying for my attention at any given time.

It’s great for conversation. It’s actually awesome for work. Having both broad knowledge of several topics (eg. crochet, royal families) and expertise in a specific discipline (eg., science, genetics) has served me well as a freelance writer.

But I’ve also observed many people achieving success primarily because they’ve identified their passion. Among professional bloggers and other creative types, that’s called finding your niche. [Read more...]

The Four Laws of Simplicity, and How to Apply Them to Planning

I confess that I lifted the title of this post from Leo Babauta at Zen Habits. Actually, I borrowed the idea from him. You see, Leo is like the master ninja of the internet when it comes to simplicity.

For my part, I continue to discover that simplicity is a huge part of becoming more effective. The less clutter, the better.


One of my goals is to have a planning system that’s both effective and simple to maintain.

I need my planner to work well for me. It also must require only a minimum amount of my time to keep it going.

It’s a tool I use to manage my attention, time and energy, not something that burns up huge chunks of those non-renewable personal resources.

The Four Laws of Simple Planning

I recently re-read Leo’s Four Laws of Simplicity and realized that it can be applied to how I plan and manage my time.

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